About Us

We Believe in Quality

A Farm to Table Butcher

Our Story

Our family has been butchering our own animals for generations. We are the first ones that have butchered on the professional level and we have been doing it for 9 years. We have always wanted to do more than just our own farm animals and to learn how to butcher creatures other than just cows and pigs.

We are capable of butchering cows, pigs, sheep and most 4-legged farm animals. We have always had a strong desire to make our own food and control what we put into our bodies. We achieve this by raising our own animals and gardening. We strive to make the best product possible. It is bothersome when eating food and one bites into a piece of bone. It is our goal to eliminate that for our customers.

All natural.

No GMO, hormones or steroids.

Our Mission

Carnivore Cuts strives to bring natural, farm-fresh meat from local producers in a convenient way for our customers.

Our Vision

At Carnivore Cuts, we believe your meat should come from a local producer who can look you in the eye and tell you exactly how that animal was raised; not a national conglomerate that has an entire department to control their public image.

Our Ranches

ARO Farms is who we recommend purchasing a whole, half, or quarter cow from. They are local and meet our standards for the humane treatment of these animals, while keeping it natural and producing a healthy and delicious product for you and your family. Check out their website here, arofarms.com.

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