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At Carnivore Cuts, we believe your beef should come from a local producer who can look you in the eye and tell you exactly how that cow was raised; not a national conglomerate that has an entire department to control their public image.

100% Fresh

Our Meats


Grass Fed Grain Finished

ARO Farms is who we recommend purchasing a whole, half, or quarter cow from. They are local and meet our standards for the humane treatment of these animals, while keeping it natural and producing a healthy and delicious product for you and your family. Check out their website here,

We Cut Meat, Not Corners

We Believe in Quality

We strive for quality over production. We will get our product out as fast as possible, but not at the loss of quality. Most shops work to get something to you quickly, we work to get your product to you perfectly. While there is only one perfect being, we strive to have a nearly perfect product. Have you ever bit into a hamburger that had bone fragments in it? We do our best to ensure that will not happen with our product. Our goal is to have the best quality cuts and hamburger for our valued customers.

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